Sausage salad

You are correct; this has leftovers written all over it! But a very tasty serve of leftovers it is. Cook up your favourite sausages and combine it with your leftover roast veggies and you have a very yummy warm salad for dinner.

Sausage and mushroom pasta

This sausage and mushroom pasta is a robust dish made with pork and fennel sausages. It’s a recipe that is great for mums with busy days because it can be on the table within 20 minutes of arriving home – if you move around as quickly as Jamie Oliver! Perhaps half an hour if you are more like me.

Pork kofta wraps

Wraps are a favourite with adults and kids alike. These easy mince koftas are lightly spiced, and delicious served with salad and a herby yoghurt. Put the whole lot in the middle of the table and let everyone serve themselves.

Little piggies

These mini sausages wrapped in bread and cheese with the tang of relish make fantastic party finger food for little kids, and big ones too!

Sticky pineapple pork ribs

Here's a kid favourite which it's best to start first thing in the morning if you want the flavour to develop properly. It's not hard though - just pineapple juice, sugar, soy and garlic will make these ribs melt in the mouth. Just have plenty of napkins handy!

Super-quick creamy pork fillet

This is such an easy recipe, you can have it on the table in 10 minutes flat! Sliced pork fillet doesn't take long to pan fry and the mustard-flavoured sour cream sauce takes just a minute to heat through. Serve on a bed of rice sprinkled with craisins and parsley. Delicious!