Mexican bean bake

It’s good to have a meat-free meal every week but it has to be filling and tasty, right? This Mexican bean bake fits right into the filling and tasty category.

Yoghurt cheese

A delicious soft cheese made from drained Greek yoghurt that goes with lamb or you can just spread it on crackers. You can also roll it in herbs to create the Middle Eastern yoghurt balls called Labne.

Baked ricotta

Baked ricotta is simple to make and is great to serve guests on an antipasto plate. Simply season the ricotta, add herbs like oregano and bake for 40 minutes to have a delicious snack

Baby carrot soup

Using baby carrots rather than regular grown-up ones makes for a sweeter and richer-flavoured soup. This recipe uses readily available ingredients and is a great alternative for lovers of pumpkin soup.

Hash browns

Hash browns are so simple to make, it's a wonder we don't all make them more often! Biting through the crunchy exterior to reveal the soft cooked potato on the inside is one of life's little pleasures.

Beetroot dip

Beetroot dip is a wonderful dip to serve at parties - full of bright beetroot flavours, this recipe is a snap to make. Simply whizz all the ingredients together in a food processor and you're done!

Best-ever roast vegetables

There are roast veggies and then there are these best-ever roast veggies! Lemon juice and rosemary give them a gorgeous flavour which go beautifully with any roast meat or fish. save any leftovers to make a tasty Spanish omelette for the next day.

Spinach feta slice

This Greek-style slice boasts the classic combination of spinach and feta for a lovely lunch or light supper. Make sure you spin that spinach well after washing though to prevent a soggy bottom! Serve warm with a salad.


This easy dip is made from chickpeas and flavoured with lemon and cumin. Serve with crisp veggie crudités and pitta bread for a healthy snack.

Remy’s ratatouille

This healthy veggie recipe is a great way to use up leftover vegetables in the salad drawer. It doesn't take long to cook and works as a delicious side or as a main meal served on a bed of rice or with plenty of crusty bread.