Satay sauce

who does not love a silky rich satay sauce. This sauce is very versatile. It can be stored in the fridge for 5 days and then reheated in the microwave

Little meat pies

Make your own little party pies with this recipe. Ideal for little fingers they make a great party food option. Make the filling the day before and the final baking will be done in half an hour.

Hand-wrapped little sushi

These little sushi rolls are perfect for toddler hands. It may seem easier to buy your sushi but it really is not difficult. It's also very healthy and the kids love making a mess (helping) rolling the nori. Go on, give it a try.

Simple sausage rolls

Sausage rolls are a popular snack for kids and adults alike. These sausage rolls are particularly simple using ready-rolled frozen puff pastry and sausage mince you can buy from the butcher.

Chicken balls

Chicken balls make a tasty party plate for grown-ups and kids. This recipe is healthier than most because these chicken balls are oven baked rather than fried. Delicious and healthy!