Elmo & Bert Lunch

Try this Bert sandwich and Elmo accompaniment as a yummy addition to any kid's lunch box. A sandwich that's full of healthy veggies and looks like one of their favourite TV characters? It'll be gone by recess!

Ham toasties

Not your traditional toasted sandwich, these ham toasties are sure to be a hit with the kids. Topped with yummy ham, tomato, cheese and egg these toasties are perfect for a weekend dinner.

Sandwich Dumplings

Sandwiches day in and day out can become so ho-hum. Brighten things up with these fun sandwich dumplings. Simply spread your desired filling onto fresh bread and press in a dumpling mould for a fun sandwich alternative.

Pork kofta wraps

Wraps are a favourite with adults and kids alike. These easy mince koftas are lightly spiced, and delicious served with salad and a herby yoghurt. Put the whole lot in the middle of the table and let everyone serve themselves.

Mini croissants

Whatever filling you fancy, there's a croissant here for you! Be it chicken and avocado, ham and cheese or even Nutella, take your pick for a yummy breakfast or lunch box filler.

Ham and pesto crepes

Crepes are a great little finger food for kids and especially good for parties as they can be pretty much all made in advance. Fill with whatever sweet or savoury ingredients you fancy. Our favourites are these ham and pesto crepes!

Christmas Sandwiches

It's Christmas and your fussy tot refuses to eat the roast turkey you've been slaving over - what do you do? You throw together one of these Christmas-themed mixed sandwiches of course! Just watch them guzzle down one of these cute sandwiches!