Greek salad

Greek salad is a traditional dish that is packed full of fresh flavours. Ripe tomatoes are complimented with salty feta cheese and tangy olives.

Asian salmon salad

Ideal for a light lunch or a summer night's dinner, this salad incorporates delicious asian flavours, rice noodles and grilled salmon. We think even the kids might like this one.

Thai seafood salad

Fresh, zesty and overflowing with flavour, this Thai seafood salad is a breeze to prepare and is bound to impress on Christmas Day. Prepare the marinade ahead of time, then it’s just a case of throwing the seafood on the barbie, a quick toss and lunch is served!

Cauliflower tabouli

This delicious herby tabouli salad sings of summer. Make it gluten free by replacing traditional bulgur with blitzed raw cauliflower. Its texture and taste is reminiscent of the original, and it suits those on a wheat or gluten free diet.

Lamb koftas and greek salad

This traditional Greek salad is fantastic when served with lamb koftas. It has a wonderful dressing that comes from the natural juices of the tomatoes and a drizzle of olive oil. It's best served at room temperature so you can appreciate the flavours of all the vegetables

Summery chickpea salad

Looking for a quick and easy salad that's full of big flavours and will fill you up? This is it! Nutritious chickpeas are the star of this dish, so there's no need to serve anything more than this.