Mushroom pesto burgers

If your kids are burger-crazy, then these vegetarian mushroom pesto burgers need to be at the top of your meal-planning list! Super healthy and jam-packed full of gorgeous Mediterranean flavours, the whole fam will love biting into these burgers.

Caesar salad

This recipe makes a lot of dressing. It is great to use like a regular mayonnaise and it is packed full of flavour.

Asian salmon salad

Ideal for a light lunch or a summer night's dinner, this salad incorporates delicious asian flavours, rice noodles and grilled salmon. We think even the kids might like this one.

Burger deluxe

As good as your favourite burger from your local burger joint these homemade burgers are so good the kids are sure to devour them!

Creamy garlic prawns

These creamy garlic prawns are restaurant quality that you can make at home. Flavoured with garlic, white wine, basil and fresh cream, they make a perfect entree and are great served with rice.

Chicken noodle soup

Chicken soup has plenty of health-giving properties and makes the best 'get well' gift for sick friends and family. This version of the soup combines plenty of vegetables, noodles and a whole chicken.

Mince chow mein

Looking for new ways to serve mince to your family? Try this easy Asian-inspired chow mein recipe that is quick to make and will disappear in a trice! Your kids will love you for it.