Mushroom pesto burgers

If your kids are burger-crazy, then these vegetarian mushroom pesto burgers need to be at the top of your meal-planning list! Super healthy and jam-packed full of gorgeous Mediterranean flavours, the whole fam will love biting into these burgers.

Satay Chicken Burgers

The whole family will love these satay chicken burgers. They're a little bit different and make a great addition to your menu plan. The satay sauce adds a fantastic flavour to these patties.

Homemade KFC burgers

These homemade KFC burgers are finger lickin' good - but healthy too. The chicken is baked not fried meaning it's better for you, plus you can add as many fresh salad veggies to your burger bun as you like. Yum!

Tex mex burgers

This tasty vegetarian patty made of borlotti beans has wonderful Tex-Mex flavours through it and makes a lovely change to a meat patty on a burger bun with fresh salad.

Burger deluxe

As good as your favourite burger from your local burger joint these homemade burgers are so good the kids are sure to devour them!

Fast burgers

Why buy takeaway when you can have these? Make them just how you like and if you really want a REALLY BIG burger add an egg and a pineapple ring.

Double Burgers

Takeaway can get pretty expensive when you need to feed the whole family dinner, so make your own burgers! These burger patties taste great and they're great for your budget, too!

Spring lamb burgers

These burgers are made from tender lamb mince, rosemary and garlic. Top them with a minty, yoghurt sauce and serve in buns with crisp salad for a meal that tastes as good as it looks.

Lemon herb chicken burger

Burgers are always a popular meal choice - and they are so versatile! The ultimate meal-in-a-bun, you can add all sorts of fillings to suit your family. Try this herb-rubbed chicken burger that is subtly flavoured and super-juicy.

Mini burgers

These little mini hamburgers are so much fun and perfect for little hands to hold! They taste even better if add bacon to your burger! These would be perfect for a weekend dinner!