These toffees are traditional cake stall fare. They cost only a few cents each to make and will keep your kids happy as they quietly suck away. Time them right and you can even make "stick jaw toffee" with this recipe.

White chocolate bark

One of the easiest, and yes, yummiest things you'll make this Christmas - this bark makes a great Christmas treat and, when bagged up and tied with string, an easy present for friends and teachers.

Oreo bark

This delicious Oreo bark only has two ingredients and it tastes delicious. You can also make a batch to give as a gift.

Barnaby the beetle

This cute little edible beetle is the perfect gift for your kids to make. Sit them down and let them assemble their beetle using lollies and pipe cleaners so they can give them out to their friends.

Easter chick pops

Move over chocolate eggs! These delightful little Easter chick marshmallow pops will be a hit with the kids, and they’re simple and budget-friendly to make.

Easter Bunny tails

These cute little Easter Bunny tails are made from marshmallow, chocolate and coconut. They are a fun Easter activity for the kids and a lovely treat for friends and family.

Peanut brittle

Make this peanut brittle in minutes and serve as a sweet treat at a party or put in a pretty jar and give to a friend as a gift. Either way, it's a winner!

Halloween Witches Hats

This Halloween, go a little crazy and make fun snacks for the trick or treaters in your neighbourhood. These witches hats are easy to make and they're full of surprises! Fill them up with your favourite little sweets and watch their faces when they discover what's inside!

Chocolate dipped strawberries

Chocolate dipped strawberries are the ultimate indulgence. For Christmas, Valentine’s Day or just because they're so good, make it fun for the kids with some colourful sprinkles as well. If you can stop yourself eating them all, they’d make wonderful gifts packaged in small cellophane bags.


This golden honeycomb is a sweet treat to make at home with the kids - as long as you supervise closely! Kids enjoy seeing it froth and bubble to triple its size during cooking.

Rocky road

This is a great recipe for kids to make as a gift. Put in a small tin or cellophane bag and tie with a ribbon.

Lemon drops

These lemon drops are an old-fashioned recipe for zingy boiled sweets which are much easier to make than you might think. Fresh lemon and honey make them a great soother for sore throats too!

Caramel fudge

Caramel fudge is a classic recipe that uses condensed milk, butter, golden syrup and brown sugar. Delicious and melt-in-the-mouth, you won't be able to stop at one piece!

Cookie dough truffles

There’s no need to bake cookies for a delicious treat or gift. Just roll the raw dough into balls, freeze them, then dip them in luscious melted chocolate for these decadent cookie dough truffles.

Oreo cookie pops

These cute Oreo cookie pops are dipped in white or dark chocolate and decorated with pretty sprinkles. Serve them up at a party or wrap them up to give as gifts.